Miguiñas do Cebreiro

As Miguiñas

As miguiñas do Cebreiro is a rural guesthouse in Piedrafita (the first one, believe it or not) and so that you can find your way around it is the Casa do Cañoto (more than one in the area knows that ... Where are you going, Cañoto?). Well, that's how crumbs (miguiñas) is how crumbs so we don't forget the origins and the essence: "a house that was always full of crumbs". It is, so to speak, a small dream come true, based on work by the entire Canoto family, everyone has participated and has put their grain of sand and their time so that our small pension is so beautiful and with so much charm and affection...

Tlf: 690 67 45 66


habitación 2 Suite

Habitación 2

habitación 3 Suite

Habitación 3

room 4

Habitación 4

Room 15

Room 15

room 16

Habitación 16


ShEiLa Np

First accommodation on our Camino to Santiago. We loved the location, the accommodation and the friendliness and closeness of its owner, who made us feel at home. We will definitely be back and recommend to our friends and family.

Rooms: It was like a small apartment. Very cozy and with a beautiful hall and bathroom.



On the 5th and 21st of each month they hold an octopus fair in the village, to try it! The room was large, with a living room and a balcony. It also has a kitchen to share between guests, clean. A 10! ❤️

Nearby activities: Climb to Cebreiro, spectacular!

Gonzalo Suárez

If I say that your hostess and your house are the best that one can find on the Camino, I am not far off the mark. The best Rural House we have ever been in, an exquisite decoration, super cozy, you feel at home, and an unbeatable treatment, concerned that everything is fine at all times. A wonderful experience. It has a very good breakfast. I recommend it, it's well worth going. A Must of the Way.